Using the 960 Grid in PowerPoint Wireframes

Hasn’t someone out there created a PowerPoint template with guides set to the same dimensions as the 960 grid? And haven’t they allowed the world to take it and use it at no cost?

Surely the answer is yes, but when I did a search this afternoon for “960 grid for powerpoint” I couldn’t find it in the top 10.

The grid and guides in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and previous versions are really helpful for lining elements up when you’re creating wireframes.  Guides in particular are a feature I don’t see many people using, and it’s sad because you’re missing out.  Let’s fix that right now.

Slide masters are also a great way to save time when you’re creating multiple wireframes.  I wrote about it a long time ago, here.

I find guides more useful than the grid because I can’t customize the grid to the degree I need.  As in, I can’t customize the grid so it mimics the spacing of the 12-column 960 grid.  But with guides, I can!

The thing is, adding and deleting multiple guides is a pain.  To add a new guide, you’ve got to hold down the control key and drag an existing guide. My fingers inevitably hit the wrong buttons and I lose a guide or move the wrong one.

Because it’s a little time-consuming to set up, I thought surely there’s a kindred PowerPoint wireframer out there who has taken the time to add multiple guides that mimic the 12-column 960 grid? Couldn’t find it.

So HERE! Take this!  This is for YOU fellow PowerPoint wireframe designer who adores the 960 grid system created by the awesome Nathan Smith.  If you use this and become rich and famous, please give a shout out to Nathan and I for helping you along the way.

Design well, my friends.

Download the PowerPoint 2010 file with Guides that approximate the 12-column 960 Grid.  Dimension information for the grid and guides is included.  Instructions to show or hide the grid and guides also included at no extra charge.


Creative Commons License
960 Guides for PowerPoint 2010 by Megan Ellinger is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at 960-grid-powerpoint-wireframe.

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