IA Summit 2011 Talk: The Reluctant Design Strategist

::deep sigh::

It’s over.  Already.  The IA Summit 2011 just ended.

I survived my out of body experience.  I met lots of great people along the way.  And I learned new things.

My goal was to have 5 people show up to my 9:00 AM session. 

Happily I had 5 people there. And they were fabulous.  All 5 of them.  They laughed in places where I hoped they would laugh.  They spoke up when I hoped (and prayed!) they would speak up.  They were even super, duper nice to me on The Twitter. 

(Update 4/5/2011 – A colleague took me at my word when I said there were 5 people there. I’m exaggerating. There were a LOT more than 5!)

And a few of them told me they liked the presentation to my face! It meant the world to me. If you were there, thank you for being part of my first talk. 

Thank you to the IA Summit for giving a newbie a chance.

My slides for The Reluctant Design Strategist have been posted on SlideShare and right here!  If you were at my talk, you know most of my slides consist of photographs.  You’ll need to download the presentation to view the Notes section, which summarizes the stories I shared.

And if you have any burning questions or comments, feel free to send me a note. I’d love to hear from you.

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