I Like To Do Drawrings

Well you know my name is Megan and I like to do drawrings.

I made a drawring.  Do you want to see it?  Do you?

This is a drawring I made of Simon’s Daddy at the Roulette table.  His Daddy was shouting for more credit.   So Simon (played by hilarious Mike Myers) said, “I think you’re a great Daddy!”  But evidently that was not the kind of credit he needed, and he was whisked away into a darkened room.


I’m just learning to make drawrings again.  Can you tell?

It’s both amusing and embarrassing, but I keep going because I’ve discovered what so many others already know:

Drawrings are better than words.

My return to drawring began when Brandon Schauer, of Adaptive Path, showed a video of how he and his colleagues used sketchboards.  It was fast, collaborative and portable.  I wanted to try it.

But! I insisted, “I can’t draw…”

Dan Roam points out in, The Back of the Napkin, that I’m not alone.  According to Dan, I’m a ‘Yellow Pen’ – a highlighter – reluctant to head to the whiteboard and more comfortable with words.

My goal is to become a ‘Black Pen’ – someone who runs confidently up to the whiteboard and has no problem coming up with visual metaphors to explain ideas on the fly.

I’m also trying to drag my colleagues along for the ride.  Misery loves company, right?

So this week after the annual Holiday bash, we sat down to complete some of the exercises in Rapid Viz:  A New Method for the Rapid Visualization of Ideas.  Fueled by caffeine (and a little beer) we turned random doodles into drawrings of kitty cats and steaming cups of coffee. Next we moved on to drawring Abraham Lincoln taking a bath.

(Were you lookin’ at Abraham’s bum?  Were you?  Bum lookers!  Cheeky monkeys all of you!)

When we were done with the Introduction exercises we were feeling pretty proud of ourselves.

Then came Chapter 1:  Perspective – The Box Method.  It went downhill  quickly.  Trying to hold a flimsy sheet protector still in your non-dominate hand with one eye closed while tracing the box you see through the sheet protector was…well…hard.

And that’s when we decided that maybe we didn’t need to learn “perspective”. We bring “perspective” to the conversation, not the drawrings.  With more time and practice I know it will all become second nature.

Do you want to see Simon’s drawring?  Do you?

If you’ve never seen Mike Myers play the role of Simon on Saturday Night Live, watch this classic sketch with Danny Devito.  And when you’re done, tell me whose sketch is more readable:  Mine or Simon’s?

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