What Would Tim Gunn Say About A Web Design?

Still digesting all the amazing information I learned while at Jared Spool’s UI15 conference, I find myself in a silly mood on this gorgeous Fall Friday afternoon.  A while ago I posted this question on Quora:

How do you teach a non-designer to effectively critique a design?

Today I got the answer I had been waiting for.  Thank you O’Danny Boy (a.ka. Dan Saffer), who I’ve long been a fan of.  Dan suggested:

Make them watch how Tim Gunn critiques fashion designers on Project Runway. Be sure to instill the idea that you want to understand the REASONS the design doesn’t work for them, not for them to offer solutions as to how to fix it…. [Read the rest of Dan’s answer]

Dan’s spot on.  And to illustrate his point he wrote, “Everything I’ve Ever Learned About Giving Design Critiques I Learned from Tim Gunn.”  It’s a must read.  I also wrote my own set of tips for delivering a critique, but I really like Dan’s article more.  So listen to Dan, not me.

Tim Gunn has made such an impression on me over the years that I find myself using his many catchphrases, called Tim-isms, during design critiques.

The Top 10 Tim-isms I find myself using during a web design critique:

  1. Talk to Me
  2. This Worries Me
  3. That’s a Lot of Look
  4. I Am Not Bored
  5. This Is Going to Be a Wow Moment
  6. You Don’t Want It Too Judy Jetson
  7. Don’t Think Too Much
  8. Bring That Critical Eye to Everything
  9. Make It Work!
  10. You Don’t Want It To Be Too Matchy Matchy

Yes, my tongue is firmly planted in my cheek on some these.  But not the Judy Jetson reference.  That was a very real moment.

Need to soak up a little Tim Gunn?  Watch him critique the fashion designers on Project Runway.

Happy Friday!  Thanks for reading.

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