Weekly Reading: Nap Time

Cartoon of stick figure napping under deskWhy Companies Should Insist that Employees Take Naps

If only this article had been published in Science instead of Harvard Business Review there might be a fighting chance of this becoming a reality at my office.  How many of you will be heading over to the park bench across the street for your 20 to 30 minute power nap?

Why Great Ideas Can Fail

Don Norman is a bit of a hero of mine (and did I mention he occasionally serves on NRC committees and I keep hoping that I’ll magically run into him someday on the second floor and that maybe, just MAYBE, he’ll autograph my copy of the Design of Everyday Things?!).  But I digress…THIS article struck a chord with me because an idea that I really cared about got rejected the other day.  It was frustrating and I refuse to give up the idea, but as Don points out:  great ideas are necessary, but not sufficient.

The Most Powerful Colors in the World

A bit of trivia:  Which two colors dominate the top 100 sites in the world?

Journalism in the Age of Data

Journalism in the Age of Data [stanford.edu] is a documentary featuring data visualization practitioners.   If you only have 5 minutes, watch “Telling ‘Data Stories’”.

Stop Trying to Delight Your Customers [Requires Subscription to read the full article]

Excuse me?  Did Harvard Business Review REALLY just write that?  The title alone made my lip curl and raised my eye brows more than a few inches.  Designing for delight is something I talk about *a lot* and I stand by the notion that you need to think about delight when you design.  Gerry McGovern went on to write, “Web customers crave speed, not emotional experiences,” where he puts his own spin on the HBS article.   Stay tuned for my response to this…

Our Favorite Office Supplies

I LOVE office supplies.  Especially pens.  In fact, everyone in our office is obsessed with pens.  I think it’s a requirement for working in our group.  I was pleased to see the picture featured in “The Best Pen” because it suggests I’m not the only person who does silly stuff like that.

One thought on “Weekly Reading: Nap Time

  1. I look forward to your response to the “delight your customers” article. I could only read the small part of the article, but I anticipate a good debate 🙂

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