Dear Adobe: How Much Time Remains?

My experience installing Adobe product updates has never, ever been a good one.  For that reason, I delay updating my software until I believe it’s absolutely necessary (and I know I won’t need the software for 3 hours).

Everyone appreciates a good progress bar.

I award points in the following ways:

  • Having a progress bar = 1 point
  • Having a progress bar that works = 5 points
  • Having a progress bar that works and includes accurate time estimates = 10 points

The Adobe Application Manager technically meets these requirements and should receive a perfect 10 out of 10.  But thanks to my experience today, I have to amend my scale.

How long is “About 1.1 minutes”?

  • Having a progress bar that works, includes accurate time estimates and makes sense to anyone who isn’t a programmer = 15 points

Update on my “progress”

It’s 2 hours since I posted this article.  Guess what the Adobe Application Manager says?  Total time remaining, About 1.1 minutes.  Looks like it’s time to cancel the update and see if any of the applications work.

One thought on “Dear Adobe: How Much Time Remains?

  1. As for the part about making sense to a non-programmer, my Adobe error message today was “Adobe reader failed to connect to a DDE server.” Say what? I didn’t know what to do, so I ignored it. Everything seemed to work until it all crashed later in the day. Oh, well.

    You need to add a dimension for “providing clues for recovering from bizarre errors” during an upgrade. Maybe that would take the scale to 20 points.

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