Lookie Loo: Summer Reading List

Slide:ology:  The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations [Book]

Not only one of the most beautiful books I’ve seen, the design information applies to more than just Power Point.

Clive Thompson on How Translation Software Saves Mother Tongue

We’ve heard plenty of folks say they want to have a website that appeals to international audiences, but in our experience the most successful “international” websites are ones written in a person’s language.  We’re intrigued by the experience described in this article.  Is it something you would try on your own sites?

Color Scheme Designer 3

I love color.  I am not good at creating color schemes though.  We used to purchase products like Color Schemer to assist us with color selection.  Too bad Color Schemer doesn’t simulate color deficiencies.  But Color Scheme Designer 3 DOES!  If you’re concerned about how your color palette will render to someone with a color deficiency (and you should be since 5% of men have red/green color deficiency) you need to try this.   Did I forget to mention it’s free?

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