Let’s Make A Passionate Mashup

I just returned from attending the Gov 2.0 Expo in Washington, DC where I tried my hand at visual note taking.

Sadly, my notes don’t look a THING like the examples in Eva-Lotta Lamm’s presentation on Sketchnotes.  This is a classic Fail Forward moment.

Day 1 – I actually sketched…

On the left hand page are the notes I took during Danah Boyd’s talk, Transparency is Not Enough.  She spoke passionately about how more and more children are becoming registered sex offenders thanks to the transparency that Megan’s Law provides.   Is transparency always a good thing?  Where is the balance?

Then on the right are the notes from Tim Berners-Lee who basically talked about leveraging existing taxonomies and developing links between them in order to create a universal language.  He used a bag of chips (or crisps) to explain.

Day 3 – My hand hurt?

I attended a vendor presentation (the vendor arrived 10 minutes late!).  It quickly devolved into buzzwords strung together, which clearly resonate with some people, but I’m not one of them.

I had no idea how to visually represent “value proposition” and “knowledge workers”.

But I really don’t want to talk about my failed attempt at visual note taking.  I want to talk about the Lolcat Bible!

Of all the presentations I saw at Gov 2.0 Kathy Sierra’s Creating Passionate Citizen’s talk resonated the most with me.

Her message about using passion as a bridge to connect people to new messages was inspiring.  Days later I still find myself thinking about all the geeky science topics my organization could mashup with various passions.

As Kathy demonstrated people are passionate about their pets.  Heck, I’d say some are downright NUTS about their pets.  And if you invest 15 minutes in watching the presentation, you’ll see some of the passionate mashups Kathy uncovered.

My favorite passionate mashup is the LOL Cat Bible Translation Project.    And just in case you need it, read the history of lolcat on Wikipedia.

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Make A Passionate Mashup

  1. This is kind of beside the point, but I heart Danah Boyd. Quotes of hers keep popping up as some of the smartest points I’ve heard on internet issues. I didn’t know she was going to be at this conference. How was her talk?

    • I think she shared a very real cautionary tale. Statistics lie. Or more to the point…statistics can be spun. They can say whatever you need them to say. Transparency is supposed to be good. But you have to consider unintended consequences. Any statistic you put out there can and will be spun.

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