Destination X Marks the Spot

“Surely this thing exists,” we said.  “We’re not going THAT far outside the box.”

And yet I really can’t find what we were dreaming of.

I'm Dreaming

Whatever it was, it caused our informal weekly web gathering to go from a serious conversation on Facebook’s new Instant Personalization Program to dreaming about a new website.

A Website that Doesn’t Exist Already?  Really?

Travelocity’s Experience Finder is close to what we need but not quite.  Orbitz has a Destinations and Interests area, but nope, that’s not it.  Theme vacations?  Nah, that’s boring.

For fun we spent 10-15 minutes talking about our dream vacation travel site.

After 10 minutes doing a sketch brainstorm, this is what we had.

X Marks the Spot - Visual Brainstorm

Another 10 minutes to draw this “final” idea and then sadly we had to go back to the real work.

X Marks the Spot Sketch

X Marks the Spot – When you want to fly away and play, but can’t decide where to go.

Haven’t you ever wanted to go somewhere new and exciting, but you didn’t want to be in the air for more than six hours?  Or you wanted to experience a particular vibe, but you didn’t want to whip out your passport?

We were talking about situations where we didn’t want to enter in specific dates or numbers of travelers.  We just wanted to get some suggestions of where we might go based on our starting point.  If the resulting choices looked interesting, THEN we’d worry about plugging in dates of travel and trying to find the lowest price.  It’s kind of the reverse of how most travel sites operate, which tend to be focused on price.

The experience was fast, rough and a lot of fun because it was a break from the norm.  I hope you can see how the idea evolved and the power of “back of the envelop” sketching.

So how about it?  Would you use this?

Does this site already exist?  If it does, we want to know!  We’re dying to use it!

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5 thoughts on “Destination X Marks the Spot

  1. Ah my dream site (as lng as you add cost as another limiting factor). What we need is a mash up of with and with a little of and a touch of and we would be getting somewhere. Meanwhile I just keeps a lot of tabs open when considering my vacation.

    So should I go to Italy, Spain, or Belize with two toddlers this fall?

  2. YES!!! I would so use this! Maybe nearly everyone else already knows everything about where they want to go, but I don’t. I’m constantly frustrated by these so-called “travel” sites that insist that I’m already completely on top of my travel plans – I just want to know where there’s a nice beach within 2 hours that has great things for the kids to do.

    If you build it, I’ll be there 🙂

    Oh, yeah, I love the final “napkin” design – perfect!

  3. I would definitely use this. In fact I’m trying to plan a summer vacation and need it right now…

    Kayak has something similar in their Explore section, but it doesn’t seem to have as many options as you show above.

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