Designing Um for the Um Social Web

My boss walked in the other day with a stack of required reading. She said to the team, “We’ll each take one for a week, read it and exchange.”

Thinking of all the required reading I already had at home I was reluctant to add another one to the mix. So I did what anyone would do, I looked at the thickness of the books and picked the thinnest.

Designing for the Social Web by Joshua Porter.

“Oh no…Josh Porter,” I groaned.

“What’s wrong with Joshua Porter? That book gets quoted all the time.”

“Don’t you REMEMBER Josh!?! Years ago at the Jared Spool conference here in D.C.????”

Nothing but blank stares. Obviously Josh Porter’s talk did not affect her the way it did me.

The thing is I don’t remember anything Josh said except the word, “Um,” over and over and over again. This poor kid was in serious need of Toastmasters. I couldn’t decide if he was unprepared, terrified or having a rough day. My heart went out to him but I was really happy when he stepped off the podium.

Unable to get the um memory um out of um my mind, I um picked um the book up with um, um, um, hesitation.

Josh may not be an engaging public speaker, but he’s a terrific writer.

I cannot remember the last time a work-related book grabbed my attention and held it in the first 30 pages.  I can’t wait to read more.  And though I’m not that far in, I can see why it’s often quoted.  It’s that good.

I didn’t give Josh a standing ovation for his talk many, many years ago but I’m definitely giving him one now.

Read more about Josh and his company, Bokardo.

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