Dilbert Explains My Job (Sort of)

I’m often asked what I do for a living. My reply varies depending on the situation:

  • “Web stuff…”
  • “I’m a Generalized Specialist with an interest in web strategy, user research, and interaction design…”
  • “Ever been to a website and had a terrible experience? I help fix it…”

Today’s Dilbert comic strip gave me a new idea for how I should respond.

Over the years I can safely say that I have represented both characters.


The next time someone asks me what I do for a living, I will reply:

“I help people avoid creating website designs that make you feel like Satan is licking your brain.”

Thanks, Scott Adams!

3 thoughts on “Dilbert Explains My Job (Sort of)

  1. I loved this one. The middle panel killed me.

    I explain my job to most people like the first one: “web guy”. I’m happy to provide more information, but I figure that gets across what most people are interested in.

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