I’m Not the Only One Who Still Loves Mad Libs

And according to Luke Wroblewski recent blog post it looks like designers are now applying the Mad Lib style to online forms. It’s even more exciting because users appear to be more inclined to complete the form.

Imagine the mad lib format applied to your cable company’s feedback form…

Would that go horribly wrong?

Or, would it help you blow off some steam?

(Maybe you love your cable company, but I’ve never been impressed with mine.)

I don’t know who Rick is, but my cable company, Comcast, tells me that he wants to hear my feedback!

Email Rick at Comcast

I dunno who Rick is or why he wants my feedback.

The existing feedback form is a bit odd. Why require the customer to provide buckets of contact information if you also ask whether they want a response? Wouldn’t it make more sense to ask for the contact information only if the customer wants a response?

Here’s my quick and dirty conversion into a Mad Lib:

For the [enter a number] time, I want to tell Rick about my issue with [enter the Comcast product or service you are writing about].

The issue is that [describe the issue you have]. The whole thing has left me [enter a feeling].

I have an account with Comcast. Use [enter the phone number on the account] to look it up. I live in the [zip code] region.

Rick, I’m counting on you to help me with this issue. Please share your thoughts with me at your earliest convenience. You can reach me at [enter your email address (optional) ] or [enter your phone number (optional)].

[Enter your first name][Enter your last name]

Would you use my Mad Lib?

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