Recording Phone Interviews

My colleague and I recently found ourselves in a bit of a pickle:  We needed to record telephone interviews.  Simple enough, right?

Unfortunately our corporate conference call services didn’t offer an obvious way to record and retrieve calls.  Time to look for a plan B and C.

We considered buying a special piece of equipment for our data recorder, but agreed this was plan B.

We also wanted to avoid asking our participants, one of them being outside the United States, to dial a long-distance number.

Thank goodness we heard about Free Conference Pro (

I’m always a little skeptical about free things.  If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

It’s not only worked as advertised, it’s been pretty easy to use!  Calls are recorded in both low and high quality audio, which you can download to your computer.  There’s a host of other features that you may find useful as well.

We successfully avoided asking our participants dial a long-distance number by conferencing the participant in from our desk phone.




2 thoughts on “Recording Phone Interviews

    • Oh, goodness yes! A very good point to make explicit: If you plan to record audio, video or both, get the participant to agree in writing BEFORE mashing the record button. Tell them what you are going to do with the audio and video. Describe the benefits and risks of the exercise. Advise them that participation is voluntary and can be discontinued at any point in time. If you have the luxury, work with your legal department to craft the document.

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