I Quit!

We all have times in our career where there is a project that has to get done in spite of itself.

  • Maybe the client is especially difficult to work with.
  • Maybe there is no leadership willing to make difficult decisions and tow the line.
  • Maybe you think the end result is going to be so bad that you would do anything to get your name disassociated from the project.

You wish you could quit.  But you can’t.  So you keep going.

Are there times when you SHOULD quit a project?

In our private lives there are times when it is clear we should quit…

  • drinking
  • smoking
  • gambling
  • a relationship

Usually there are signs and symptoms of a problem.  Maybe you become aware of the problem on your own.  Or more likely, someone suggests you have a problem.

Once you acknowledge the problem you have a choice to make:

  • I will quit.
  • I will not quit.

Your efforts to quit are fully supported by those around you.  They want to see you quit.  They know you will be better off if you can quit.

Do we to ignore the signs and symptoms associated with problem projects?

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