Lookie Loo: Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines

Hmm…Is this a roadmap for creating something as cool and amazing as an iPhone?  I can dream.


One thought on “Lookie Loo: Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines

  1. From the beginning of the Design Process section on page 25 of the PDF:

    “The best way to make sure your product meets the needs of your target audience is to expose your designs
    to the scrutiny of your users. Doing this during every phase of the design process can help reveal which
    features of your product work well and which need improvement.

    When you give people an opportunity to use your product (or a prototype of it) you may uncover usability
    problems that you did not anticipate during your initial design phase. Finding and eliminating these problems
    early can save you time and money later on. Clearly identifying the needs of your users helps you create
    products that deliver effective solutions and are typically easier for them to learn and use. These improvements
    can translate into competitive advantages, increased sales, and enhanced customer satisfaction.”


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