Disappointing Stuff Gets More Advertising

I have a theory…

…that says the more money spent on the advertising a movie, the worse it will be.

There’s a tipping point where you’ve learned so much about the movie before you’ve even seen it that when you finally get to see it, it just can’t possibly measure up to all the hype.

Case in point:  Sex and City the movie.

The buzz surrounding this movie started years before it ever hit the big screen.

  • Would they make a movie out of the show?
  • Would Kim Cattrall sign on?
  • Would Michael Patrick King be involved?

And once it was official, plot points were leaked as the production began:

  • We knew Charlotte was magically pregnant,
  • that Carrie was planning a wedding, and
  • that someone <gasp!> was unfaithful! <double gasp>

The month leading up to the release was filled with a media frenzy that I thought was only reserved for Star Wars.

And when I finally got to see it, yes, it was a good movie, but there was just no way it could have lived up to the hype.  The hype made it out to be so much more than it actually was.

And now I think my theory can be applied to website releases.

Last night, I saw this commercial:

It made me laugh.  I thought it was creative.

And then I discovered it was for Microsoft Bing and  I was immediately skeptical.

I had been hearing about it for quite some time…Bing.  More like BING!

[Every time I hear ‘Bing’ I hear a noise that is similar to someone buzzing in on a quiz show.  If the search engine returns no results I think it should make a ‘Bong’ noise.]

I had also heard Microsoft was planning to spend $80 to $100 million on advertising BING!  And that made me think that it would turn out just like Sex and the City the movie.  Good, but not great.

So I tried Bing.

And it returned results.

[No success making it go ‘BONG!’ just yet.]

What surprised me? It looks just like a Google result page.

Here’s a comparison of the results pages in Google and Bing for ‘methylmercury poisoning’:

What it would take to create a search engine that is a “Google-killer”?

  • I wonder if Microsoft deliberately made the design similar to Google because they know it’s a design that people are comfortable with?
  • Or perhaps it was more devious like, “If we come up with our own clever name and make it look like Google, people will forget all about Google and think Bing!”

So has all the hype got you thinking Bing yet?

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